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No Cutcore Winding Transformer.

NCW Transformer

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One idea is what brought our high performance transformer to life. The idea of winding coil bobbins onto an iron core.

The NCW Transformer is a whole new type of transformer that was created by combining new coil bobbins with an uncut iron core. As a result of the popularity and success of our SC transformer, we developed the technology even further and developed technology to combine coil bobbins and iron. By doing this, we were able to stabilize quality and increase efficiency of the insulation and winding process – resulting in a dramatic reduction in costs and a decrease in energy use. This makes the transformer perfect for the eco-focused world.

The structure of the coil bobbin

The coil bobbins for the NCW Transformer have iron cores, winding and tap removal – we are pursuing the most reasonable form of coil bobbin. The primary winding is completely separated and insulated from the second, meeting the international requirements for special and creepage distance.

Advantages of the NCW Transformer(VS EI type)

Takes full advantage of core performance

By wrapping iron core around the coils, the effective cross section of the core is made uniform, the magnetic path becomes shorter and the grain-orientated silicon steel sheet’s core performance can be fully utilized.

There is no cutting the core, and therefore no gap.

Because the construction is simple and there is no cut surface or gap, magnetic flux leakage is minimized and there is less noise and vibration.

Making use of coil bobbins

The curvature of the winding portion of the coil bobbin reflects that of the inner core diameter. This means that the core can be wrapped without affecting the core characteristics. It also means that the coil bobbins and iron core form the integral structure, allowing for high quality insulation and precise specifications. It is possible to wind the components together with an automatic winding machine, increasing quality and efficiency and reducing cost.

The NCW Transformer meets the changing needs of users

Lower energy consumption, lower costs

Our proprietary winding technology for uncut wound cores and the use of the orientated silicon steel strips greatly reduce iron loss and contribute to lower energy use and a decrease in running costs. The price is also affordable, making the product cost-effective in all areas.

Yearly Running Costs(JPY)

Load model/12 Hours→No load、7 Hours→50% Load、5 Hours→100%
Load(Running costs of 20 yen/KWH are being used)

Small. Lightweight and Thin Design

Our proprietary coil bobbins, and the wound steel core have made it possible for the product to be a small, lightweight and thin space-saving transformer. Furthermore, it can be used upright or when placed on its side, increasing storage efficiency.

Examples of product features

Standard: Isolation Transformer(IEC 61558 60601 Other)
Specifications :single-phase 50/60Hz-220、200V/110、100V-B type insulation

Model Rated Capacity
Loss with no load
Loss with load
NCW0100 100 1.5 1.7 9.3 8.8 90.1
NCW0150 150 2.0 2.0 12.1 7.8 91.4
NCW0200 200 2.3 2.3 15.5 7.6 91.9
NCW0300 300 3.1 3.0 19.2 6.5 93.1
NCW0500 500 4.7 4.2 23.7 5.0 94.7
NCW0750 750 6.6 4.7 31.1 4.8 95.4
NCW01000 1000 7.9 6.3 38.9 4.6 95.7
NCW01500 1500 11.0 7.2 52.2 4.3 96.2
NCW02000 2000 16.1 9.6 50.2 3.0 97.1
NCW02500 2500 17.3 11.2 57.6 2.8 97.3

Weight and Dimensions

Standard Type (Horizontal use c-1 type)

Format Capacity
Wp Depth
LP Height
φ Approx. Weigh
NCW0100 80-130 100/96 85 120 85 49 5.5 1.5
NCW0150 100-200 105/102 90 132 95 52 5.5 2.0
NCW0200 150-275 108/108 93 138 95 55 5.5 2.3
NCW0300 200-350 115/120 100 144 105 61 5.5 3.1
NCW0500 300-570 125/132 110 165 125 67 5.5 4.7
NCW0750 500-1000 140/146 120 179 135 74 5.5 6.6
NCW01000 750-1250 145/150 125 193 145 76 6.5 7.9
NCW01500 1000-1700 160/171 140 215 160 86 6.5 11.0

Please be aware that the above dimensions, mounting dimensions and weight are for reference only. The dimensions may be changed without notice for new functions/performance efficiency.

NCW Transformer picture

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