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September 1972 Founded in Gifu Prefecture by Mr. Minokamo Shimizu
April 1980 Received Manufacturing Business Registration Number 1324 from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, under Electrical Appliance and material control law article 3.
October 1981 Becomes a corporation with a capital of 5,000,000 JPY
October 1990 Industrial site in Minokamo Kamono City is purchased
November 1994 Capital increases to 10 million yen
September 1995 Equipment for the production of NCW (wound core transformers) is fitted and production begins.
November 1998 Approval for use of the NCW Transformer and TUV marks.
January 2002 Head office relocated to current location
April 2002 Operations begin in Zhejiang province in China
May 2002 Capital increases to 20 million yen.
November 2004 Chinese factory obtains ISO9001 certification
November 2006 Chinese factory obtains ISO14001 certification
November 2016 ISO9001 certification